How do Shift lenses work and whats the process?

September 16, 2016

How Shift lenses ortho-k work?

How does Shift lenses Ortho-k work?

Shift lenses ortho-k is a great vision correction alternative. You simply sleep in the specially designed molds overnight and wake up to clear vision upon removal. The process involves designing lenses at our optometry practice. We then order them from Christchurch and they arrive usually within a few days to a week.

When the lenses are here we will give you a call and arrange an appointment to deliver the lenses to you. You will need 15 minutes with the optometrist to check that the lens fits ideally to your eyes.

Following this you will then have a Shift lenses Ortho-k training for inserting and removing the lenses.

Typically you will then go home and sleep in the lenses for your first night. If you are from out of town or from overseas we may require you to perform an in office trial where you are left for an hour in a room wearing the lenses with closed eyes.

After the first night you will awake and remove the Shift lenses. You will then see us for an appointment.

Your optometrist will arrange a series of follow up appointments over the first six months. After this you will be seen annually. It is recommended that at the six month mark of every year you drop the lenses in for a deep polish too.

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