A new tool for parents to fight Short-sightedness!

September 14, 2016

Practitioners and friends of Rose Optometrists Paul and Kate Gifford have developed a new tool for parents. This tool is aimed at educating parents about the need to monitor for short sightedness or myopia. The need for tools like this is great with the latest projections and statistics showing that by 2050 50% of the worlds population will be shortsighted.

The new website called: mykidsvision.org has an interactive questionnaire that uses the current evidence base to guide parents on the risk and development of short sightedness in children.

Jagrut Lallu an optometrist that uses Shift lenses in his Myopia Control Clinic in Frankton, Hamilton has been using the website as well as a practitioner tool that is not yet released to create and provide reports and educate for his patients. “The tool is great! It helps us as practitioners to educate parents that are short sighted themselves so that they can make informed decisions about the future eye care of their children”.

An overview of myopia control can be viewed in the following video:

Myopia Control