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Ortho-K found safe for Myopia Control

August 29, 2016

Following an extensive review of 170 studies on Orthokeratology (Ortho-K), researchers have found the procedure safe for myopia correction and retardation, provided patients:

  1. Have the correct lenses fitted
  2. Maintain a lens care regime
  3. Adhere to routine followups
  4. Treat any ensuing complications promptly.

This is major news as it gives the Ortho-K lens two significant advantages over traditional soft contact lenses. Ortho-K patients are able to see without any correcting lens during the day, with the lenses slowing down sight degeneration.

Visique Rose Optometrists have offered Ortho K lenses for a number of years now, with Partner Jagrut Lallu recognised as an expert in this field.

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